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The 1trueid platform is the first Social IOT network, linking customers, products and manufacturers. The platform enables a differentiating customer and brand experience. Products and customer’s mobile devices, can now easily exchange product information, details, authenticity, customer advocacy, registration, brand values and better communicate sound and sustainable production choices.

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In partnership with Forbes 100 Best Corporates. We are looking to forward thinking companies, searching to create a unique digital experience in connecting brands, products and the supply chain, leveraging 1trueid technology for the web and mobile.

SocialMe for your Smartphone

Utilizing proven social and mobile standards, 1trueid app is able to provide an instant, trusted and authentic real-time information about a product, its maker and its owner. 1trueid app is more than a solution to anticounterfeiting, but an opportunity for brands to create trust and better connections with the real digital customers, providing more commercial opportunities for authentic branded products.

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