Market of precious has always pioneered in introducing various systems and procedures in an effort to bring about efficiency and transparency in dealing with its internal as well as external customers. In the final scene of the movie Blood Diamond, in which a conference is held concerning blood diamonds, refers to a historic meeting that took place in Kimberley, South Africa in 2000. It led to development of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, which sought to certify the origin of rough diamonds in order to curb the trade in conflict diamonds, but has since been mostly abandoned as ineffective.

1trueid for Precious What it is

Without any Software Development

Putting a NFC enabled device (i.e. smartphone) near the object the customer receives immediate confirmation of the authenticity of the item, when the applications installed, or ask him to install it to verify the genuineness of the purchased item.


architecture already developed and with a customizable front end and descriptions, no additional software needed.

Secure Standard

Being designed to become a viral SECURE STANDARD it can work also on multiple devices, i.e. opening a door, reading a care label, an exclusive access to a VIP lounge, or for very special applications.

In diamonds how does it work

The traceability data related to the rough diamond, semi-raw and diamond can be read in every moment of the production process: in this way 1trueid could trace the entire story of the diamond.

Rough diamond: the serial id as unique identifier

The chip inside the 1trueid® tag can contain crypted informations about the rough diamond and certify the origin or the autenticity of the object. It may also become an anti-tamper proof.

Semi-raw: the tag RFId as control of the production process

During the production phases the 1trueid tag can identify the semi-raw storing informations about the item and monitoring the processes.

Diamond: the Technology as guarantee of authenticity

At the end, the chip inside the 1trueid tag applied on the diamond’s blister show on the smartphone data about: DESCRIPTION, COLOR, CLARITY (PURITY), CUTCARAT (WEIGHT). And certify the authenticity and the value of the diamond in real time whilst a one to one communication is set up among the final customers.

The importance for the Gold Market

At a time when about $8.1 trillion of global government bonds imply investors are paying borrowers for the privilege of holding the debt, it’s easy to understand why gold and the companies that mine the metal are back in favor.

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