Like in the "mp3" era

  • We use IOT “COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf)” solutions capable to offer always the best performance in a contest where price of the hardware will become day by day more competitive.

  • The world is focusing mainly on custom made applications.

As Steve Jobs has made for the “IPOD”

  • We develop and design always "best of breed devices".

  • In our case the device and the application is never a limit, we can use all available technologies.

Supported from a user friendly platform like it was for “ITUNES”

  • We have implemented our own secure platform and protocols capable to guarantee same safety standard of the digital passports or contactless credit cards.

  • This is what makes the difference as it was for Itunes in January 9, 2001.

1trueid Client Experience

It’s a technology that empowers and emphasizes the origin and traceability of the products with a unique customer experience and designed to become more powerful than Facebook, offering same cost but with the certainty of the user and engaging with him a one to one communication. No fake likes or followers here, and you are free to share also with other social as well.


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